Let’s Actually Diversify, Diversity.
Brittany Bullock

This post is spot on, though @Dropbox doesn’t have numbers that are necessarily “impressive” from my point of view; the biggest mistake in this post may have been from the marketing department. This makes me think of two things.

  1. It is imperative that diversity is interwoven in all of your business operations, and this includes marketing, and especially the intersection of marketing and tech. If diversity had a silent hand in marketing, the first thought should naturally be, “wow, this header image doesn’t match the title of this post.”
  2. Diversity is tricky. As a black man passionate about diversity, I definitely want a seat at the table — but diversity isn’t just… black & white (#punintended). The biggest backlash on this post came from #blacktwitter, probably because there is no black faces above a title about diversity. But would we be as upset if the post didn’t have any Asian faces, Hispanic faces, or Women faces? Not sure, but what I am sure about is perspective matters.

I say all that to say, diversity is tricky, Dropbox should have and could have done better, diversity isn’t black and white, and Google Drive hasn’t let me down yet.

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