Go Fuck Yourself, Bernie

Obama isn’t just the President of Black people.

1. It’s not just Black people that love Obama. The President is “enormously popular” among all Democrats. Welcome to the Party.

2. Do you have any idea how belittling it is to reduce Obama to the President that the Blacks like?

3. Aren’t you the one that got shouted down by Black Lives Matter protesters at Netroots Nation, canceled all your meetings in a huff, talked to your advisors and then suddenly realized you needed to start parroting Black Lives Matter catchphrases in all of your speeches?

4. Have both you and Hillary been putting out policies to "win support from the African-American community"? Yeah. And you know what? That’s a GOOD thing. In a world of voting rights abuses and gerrymandered districts where Black voters are constantly disenfranchised, it’s nice to have someone speak directly to our needs for a few months every 4 years.

5. When politicians suck up to minority groups, its called pandering. When politicians suck up to white people, it’s called campaigning.

So do I actually mean it when I say Go Fuck Yourself, Bernie? No. Everyone’s allowed to have a bad day. Everyone makes mistakes when every word is captured on tape. If Bernie wins the nomination, I’ll be knocking on doors for him in Cleveland.

But for today, and for that comment, and for anyone that tries to diminish Obama’s presidency to “He’s popular with black people,” Go Fuck Yourself.