The Best Minimal Phone Cases for the

Some of us want a case for our phones, but we don’t need a small tank like an Otterbox or something that’ll stick in our pockets like those cases with the funny-feeling ridges. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Tmbr Black Leather Case

The main selling point of this phone is its uniqueness. There isn’t anything like it on the market. With a thin strip of natural cherry or rosewood grain, butted with a nice leather grip, the phone is sleek and classy. One thing that is important to a lot of people is a company’s eco-friendliness. Do they have green thumbs, in other words? Yes, TMBR has gone out of its way for a 100% eco-friendly case made from real wood.

Native Union CLIC Wooden Case

Native Union’s case also comes with real wood grain, giving it a unique finish since every case will have a different, natural grain. This case is 100% American made and built to last, as any American should be. The case comes in six different colors, from blossom to black to coral, and fits perfectly into any sized pocket.

Elago Slim Fit 2 Case

If you’re a texture kind of person, this case is near flawless. The case is made from plastic and LEXAN resin, providing a strangely smooth experience. In other words, it is not slick and liable to scratches like other cases, yet it doesn’t stick in your pocket like some matte finishes. It’s smooth and durable in all the right ways.

Peel Case

Peel has exploded onto the scene in recent years. Made by the guys at Need/Want (who, incidentally, have made the emoji mask among other things), this minimal case is so thin most people wouldn’t even notice it on your phone. And that’s the tricky part about this case. It’s almost too thin. If you want a case that protects against scratches and little else, but something that is stylish yet nearly invisible, this is the perfect case.

Marble Snap Cover

Marble might be sort of a strange idea for a case—it seems so cold and hard—but if you look around the internet enough, you’ll see that marble is making a comeback. (It also pairs lovely with a marble pouch.) In other words, it’s in, it’s chic, it’s haute couture, if those are the words I want. The case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane with a fairly thin width.

Google Pixel XL Case

Let’s say you’re even more fashion forward than that, and you went ahead jumped out on a limb and bought the Google Pixel. (Honestly, I don’t blame you. Google’s software is superior to Apple’s.) Well, there’s a case for that too.

Natural Bamboo Case

Last on our list for the holidays is a classic look—wood. This material has been around since the dawn of creation, so humans find this look quite appealing no matter the context. It feels right in your hand and looks great with any wardrobe and any occasion in any season. Wood is always around, and wrapping it around your phone would do the environment some good.

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