What if we went further?

As I mentioned before, I experienced a great amount of change at the youth conference “Forward” (mentioned in “testimony”). The word forward took me on a little bit of a ride within myself.

I post on Instagram a lot, mostly pictures of myself that others have taken. I had a photo taken of me while at the forward conference while wearing a pullover sweatshirt with the word “forward” across the chest. So, before I posted the picture I needed the perfect caption. BOOM, It popped in my head. I would translate forward into french and post it with that as the caption. Well, sometimes Google translate can give you loose interpretations.

“Forward” translated in french was “vers l’avant”. I mean, it looks right? (Says an 18 year old american, who never took any foreign language). For any of you that don’t know, insta gram has this handy tool that when it detects a foreign language, you can press “translate" and it will do exactly that. I pressed the translate option after posting the picture and instead of showing the word forward, “vers l’avant" became “towards the front”. Hmmm, well alright then.

I began to think…

What I thought was going to mean forward, actually meant “towards the front”.

What if we have in our minds that we are moving forward, but can’t seem to wonder why we are stagnant? Are you expecting God to do all of the work for you?

I think that moving forward is more complicated than it seems. I think that our father will not just simply, “move us forward” but instead give us a great boost “towards the front”. He will give us a push up to where we need to be but it is up to us to go on from there. God will give you the tools and ways, but it’s up to us to use them.

Are you just going to stand still and stay “towards the front” or will you move forward?