The 90% agreement rule
Lawrence Ripsher

Being something of a practical libertarian (I lean conservative on fiscal/economics, left on lifestyles; yet I’m not a fan of open sexuality in the military, for practical reasons not moral ones, and regrettably believe a basic income may be the only way to deal with the advances of AI), I applaud you for not only highlighting this problem in general but for at least touching on it with regard to politics and our current social climate.

I’ve been saying for a long time now that if we can stop murdering each other over the few issues we disagree on and instead build on common ground, we’d slowly work through our differences. When you feel attacked and belittled at every turn, you don’t see opportunity in compromise and you don’t see value in listening to the other side of the issue (which if you did, might cause you to change your view at least slightly which in turn would again cause a slight gain in common ground; rinse repeat).

Conservatives think Liberals are Satanic Communists coming for their babies. Liberals think Conservatives are the next Crusaders lying in wait. On the edges, there’s some truth in both views; but in the core, neither are true to really any degree. Yet by viewing and treating the core as if they are the fringe, you are pushing the core into transformation towards the fringe. Each are actively responsible for creating the beast of the enemy they fear.

Compromise is what this country was founded on. Not Christianity, and not Socialism. COMPROMISE. And for compromise to exist you have to work in the common ground.

~ an ex-Mormon and ex-almost-fundamentalist, Utahn, Navy Vet, now-almost atheist, liberal drinker of both coffee and booze, who as Sting once said, “loves his children too”

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