3rd wave feminism has gone beyond reason.
Jason E

I don’t know man; I feel you, but I don’t fully agree.

We can apparently choose our sex by how we feel.

As an ex-Mormon in Utah, I know something about being relatively normal by someone else’s standards but being the odd man out by another’s. When one person says a standard should be X, there is always someone else who disagrees. You can’t choose your gender (most of the time and without modern medicine anyways) just like you can’t choose your feelings. If you feel like a girl then having a penis doesn’t magically make it all feel better, in fact it makes things MORE confusing and difficult. Now, you can choose *what to do about your feelings* — but psychologists seem to generally recommend not to just ignore and bury them, especially if they are fundamental big issue sort of feelings.

I feel you because I’ve been at a urinal when a man dressed like a woman stepped up to the urinal next to me. I’m betting he did that at least partly bc the laws require he use the restroom his genitals identified with. Let me tell you something: that’s at least as awkward as the thought of him going into a stall in the woman’s.

But here’s the crux of it: you can’t just be telling people *who they are* and you can’t tell them how they should feel. Only they get to do that. Yes, as a binary man it’s weird, I get that. But at the end of the day, do unto others. Have a bit of respect and compassion for the difficult hand life played these folk. Be grateful you are less confused about your own gender and imagine how difficult life must be for them at times, just emotionally not to even get into the part about legally or socially. Imagine how hard it would be if your son developed along these lines. Yet, if you get all judgmental and condemning on him then You’re Doing Something Wrong. I’m sorry, but you just are.

Forget hard work in anything; we all have to be equal. It’s the road to tyranny and gulags for “wrong-think”. I wish I could laugh but it’s much too scary for me to laugh. It will very likely end in the destruction of western society; while the rest of the world looks on and laughs.

Could be. I know I often worry about similar. Thing is though, do you know any nation EVER that didn’t ultimately collapse? So why should we be any different? Yes, it’s smart to avoid it but at the end of the day it comes for us all — if it’s today, well, sucks to be us. But again, there’s no avoiding it — human nature being what it is.

We don’t have to like all the things. We don’t. And even things we can agree with at a certain level, those can be stretched and twisted by extremists to the point of crazy — and the masses, identifying with part of it, can be swept up in the group think of it all and turn even something minor or superficial on it’s head and make that thing seem like a BFD. Things do, have, and will continue to be taken too far by the extremists and psychologically impaired. But that doesn’t mean that those things didn’t start with original truth.

Take #metoo for example. There’s an awful lot of real serious stuff being talked about out there. There is. And it needs to be talked about. But then there’s a lot of bullshit too. Honestly, the women today aren’t doing any favors to their cause by not calling out the bullshit; but that doesn’t make the original concern invalid. Rape, assault are real and should be addressed. The minor things we all do to each other, well, those are different; those don’t need to be aired in a national forum and made to equate with the serious stuff and be used to drive everyone into a frenzy. That girl whose boyfriend got carried away and forgot to use a condom and then devolved into an emotional mess when she confronted him: rape, abuse, manipulation? Perhaps; but what I read sounded like me in my 20s, not an asshole; just a moron unsure how to act, feel, or think ahead — yet she can’t understand that; all she understands is *her* perspective. That’s bullshit. Or my friend who hashtagged her too and talked about a coworker once who bit her butt while they were stooped down stocking shelves: abuse on the order of rape? Not really. Much more like the guy who awkwardly wrestles his male co-worker to the ground, lifts his shirt up, and rubs his nasty fat sweaty belly on the other guy (true story, #metoo!!!). It wasn’t sexual assault like rape, it was just a moron who thought he was being funny. Yes, punish him, maybe press charges; but make a national emergency out of it? GTFO.

All that said, we should not allow the idiots to stop us from talking about the things that DO matter. And we should not tell people who they are or ask them to ignore those feelings. Somehow we have to agree we’re all in this together; so, how the fuck can we get each other to understand the other’s perspective?

Because I promise you, if we don’t seek to also understand, some strong man is going to hijack all that unpent emotion and turn it into full out civil strife. And then those gulags you worry about? Yeah, those will become reality.

The political and national emotional pendulum HAS TO BE STOPPED.

And it starts with us talking bluntly about stupidity while at the same time seeking to understand, to empathize, and to help increase fairness without letting the stupid take hold. Can we do it? Probably not. Sadly, all Nations fall. Sucks to be us.

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