It’s Time to Stop Honoring The Sins of Our Past

Would you remember these men if this didn’t exist?

We didn’t build Mount Rushmore to remember Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and T. Roosevelt.

We didn’t erect the Vietnam Memorial to remember that war or the soldiers who died there.

We didn’t create the Eternal Flame for JFK to remember the fallen president.

We didn’t create the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to remember the Civil Rights icon.

We didn’t erect statues of famous sports figures, such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Babe Ruth, or Ted Williams to remember the legendary feats of these men.

We erected memorials, monuments, and statues to honor these men.

To celebrate these men.

To glorify these men.

We need no reminder of their achievements.

History doesn’t need statues.

It’s beyond time to stop honoring the most shameful sins of our past and the people who fought to preserve them.

Bring the Confederate statues down.