Your Bucket List is a Chance at Freedom

When people I know hear the phrase bucket list, they think one of two things.

  1. a list of things to do before you die (thereby associating the phrase with death), or
  2. the movie of the same title. When I think of a bucket list, I think of freedom.


Your life has already been chosen for you.

From the moment you are born until the moment you die, your life has already been planned for you. Your parents pick your name. They decide what to teach you, where to live, what to wear and what values to teach you. Your religion is decided for you, as are what you eat and who your friends are.

Teachers (and politicians) decide where you should go to school, what you should learn, which classes you can take, when and how you can play, and what you should think.

Your employer decides what you are paid, how you should act, when you can take break, when you can eat, when you can have a day off, what you’re allowed to say, when you can leave for the day, and when you can retire.

The government decides who you can vote for, when you can drive, where you can fly, how our tax money is used, who you’re allowed to kill, what you;re are allowed to know, and what rights you are allowed to have.

There are very few things that you can do that do not require the government being involved at some point. See if you can fly somewhere without a government issued ID and let me know how far you get. Try to open a bank account without one and you’ll be shown the door pretty quickly.

I say these things not to depress but to point out that you and I aren’t nearly as free as we like to believe that we are.

Your Bucket List Represents Freedom

However, we do not have to accept the fate that others would choose for us. That’s why I believe that the bucket list’s we make, the dreams and goals we have, are our way of experiencing true freedom.

No one criticizes your bucket list because it’s yours. It is your list and your dreams. People might tell you what to do or how to act, but very few people will tell you what to dream. That’s up to you.

Who could possibly criticize you for wanting to visit the Maldives, experience the Running of the Balls, walk on the Great Wall of China, or volunteer at a homeless shelter?

Who could fault you for dreaming?

I’m sure someone will, but I assure you that says more about who that person is than it does about your dreams.

Show me a person who criticizes your dreams and I’ll show you a bitter person who never achieve any of their own.

Your bucket list is important! It’s personal and it’s your chance to experience life in the way that you’ve always dreamed. It is your way of saying “I get to choose what to dream!” “I get to choose what I want to do!”

It’s empowering, it’s euphoric, and it’s breathtaking.

Embrace the meaning behind the dreams on your bucket list and please don’t put it off.

We never know when our time is going to end. If there’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing, do it as soon as possible.

You will not regret it.

To your bucket list,


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