Dicks Sporting Goods “Every Pitch” commercial

  1. The commercial features baseball lights spotlighting all the different players on the field panning in and out on each player as they go through their pre pitch routines.
  2. You can hear the crowd surrounding the game being played as well as the players doing their infield and outfield “chatter” where they tell each other the situation, and what to do before the pitch. You can hear the pop of the mit. It takes the viewer right into the game.
  3. The format is a “slice of life” format because the advertisement essentially puts you in the baseball stadium.
  4. The whole entire advertisement is promoting baseball, they take you into a baseball atmosphere of an intense game and it feels like you are actually at a baseball game. They show all the players at all the different positions using gear that is available at Dicks sporting goods. It is meant to get the viewer excited for baseball as well as promote their gear.
  5. The target of the ad is consumers who play baseball, or viewers who need to buy baseball equipment.
  6. In the ad they do not come out and say what they are selling but you can see the gear that the players are using and they are selling to you the whole baseball experience and all their equipment is being featured making the consumer want to buy the product.
  7. There is not a call to action in this ad, they are trying to encapsulate the consumer by getting them excited for baseball coming back.
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