Why you MUST schedule YOUR time!

Are your poor time-management skills robbing you of your free time and happiness? Time is, in my opinion, our most precious commodity. Yet, despite being such a valuable resource, so many individuals waste it, and treat it like a resource that will never run out. We think of time as an infinite resource without ever really understanding how finite our time really is. Let’s reflect and analyze the time management skills of an average individual together, and then we can dwell into how you can get the most out of your time by scheduling your weeks.

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In this week’s video, I look at our most precious asset: Time.

I love the following definition of time straight from Wikipedia:

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.”

“irreversible succession”, what a great powerful phase. Every day you wake up to tackle the day whether you have a plan to effectively use your time or not. If you were to stop and think about it, you would see how ludicrous it is to not effectively plan your day. If you are unable to go back in time, why would you tackle any day, week, year, or life in general, without a concreate plan to ensure you effectively achieve all of your dreams, goals and desires.

The reasoning behind this disconnect all relates back to your belief that your time is an infinite resource. You’re already beginning to disagree with me. Your egoic mind is telling you that you know time is a finite resource and the problem is that you simply don’t have enough of it. Sure, in recognition of this, lets see.

I invite you to take 5 minutes, a pencil and paper, and write down a list of the things you wanted to do last week. Add to that page a list of the things that you should have did last week. Now, write a list of the things you did complete last week. How do the above lists compare? Are there similarities? Differences? Why are there differences between the lists you have created?

I’m going to make a calculated prediction now that the lists you have just created are very different. The things you wanted to do and should have completed do not directly match the list of things you did do in the past week. If the lists were exact, you wouldn’t be here and reading this article right now but, you are. I further know now that you have created these lists, you have a feeling of slight regret. A wish inside that you had used this past time more effectively.

You are now stepping on track to take control of your time and by connection, your life. A path to stop blaming others and events for robbing your time. You are in complete control of your time, of your week, of your life. Stop leaving your weeks to chance and start planning your week to achieve your dreams. It’s not to late, forget the past- its no longer here and it doesn’t define you. You are in the present. The present moment is all you have. Keep the future in mind, it will be apart of your planning process to reach your greatest desires but I do need you to understand that

You do not have the future right now and because you do not have it NOW there is no guarantee that you will have it, but there is one definite thing: you have every little bit of control over this present moment.

Starting now, I am going to teach you how you can effectively plan your weeks to efficiently create your best life. A lot of people, yourself included, have made a list of things you needed to complete in a day. Some people even take that list a little further by adding timed deadlines for each task. I’m going to tell you right now- these lists are not effective. By creating daily to-do lists, you are living a life pressured by a mix of urgent important and non-important tasks. You no longer want to waste your time focused on non-important tasks because you already claim to not have enough time.

To combat these unimportant tasks, it is important that you shift your focus to creating effective weekly schedules, and I don’t mean filling every waking hour of your calendar with an allotted block. This isn’t effective either. Effective personal time management begins with understanding your future goals and your personal mission. I would personally recommend spending some time when you can get some alone time for deep thought to identify the material required to create a personal mission statement. I encourage you to research this topic. Understanding your mission allows you to create a weekly schedule that is aligned with your motives and beliefs.

Planning your weeks effectively begins by identifying a few key tasks that you want to complete over the duration of the week, and then scheduling some time to complete them. Begin by schedule the tasks that you must complete, such as work, school, or appointments. Next, it is time to schedule time for those key tasks. The rest of your calendar should be allotted to completing tasks that apply to your greater goals. If you’re in school, schedule time for each course to deepen your understanding and practice the material. If you’re raising a family, schedule time each week to spend with each of your children and your wife to develop your relationships.

If you invest less than an hour on the weekend to plan your week out in advance, I promise that it will repay you dividends during the week. Those previously created lists will become lists of the past as your future lists become more similar and eventually exact copies of each other as you build strong habits. Scheduling your time will put you back in control of your time and your life. Happiness is only a few weeks of practice away. Start building good habits that will lead to more productive weeks today.

Go acheive greatness,


Originally published at brandonrhayes.wordpress.com on March 12, 2017.