History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Tobias — interesting article, it is always good to see somebody quote or at least refer to Plato and somebody else who studies history, and your scenario is plausible, but I am saddened to see another educated individual make such blatant errors like “The liberal intellectuals are in a minority”? I am sorry but I taught for over 5 years in academia at college level, which you claim to be familiar with, so you should know most Professors or faculty in Americas Universities are liberals, and most of our government leadership is liberal and your statement about “They don’t fight dirty”, have you watched any of the recent campaigns?? I am guessing you are just naive and not trying to deceive, Hillary on the other hand we can not give that leeway, she knows exactly what she is doing. I am hoping your just an idealist, but if you don’t find Hillary just as obnoxious as Trump, then my comments will fall on deaf ears, but Hillary is just as likely if not more so to keep America from getting involved in your scenario.

The lack of logic and facts in some folks statements about Brexit is based on racism and hate, also disappointing. Not wanting to be tied to a failing economic community is now racism, somebody needs to look up the definition and take an economics course before they start throwing dung around?? I do appreciate that your comments are backed by a decent argument, only issue is that not all of your premises are factual, and some of the follow on comments are flat out Trump like.