When this idea inevitably takes off, people are going to be able to order take-out from their neighbors, from anyone in the city who wants to cook their family recipe.
Why I left Google to join Grab
Steve Yegge

Hi Steve -

I’d looked pretty deeply into this concept a few years ago due to the general strategy of using tech to reduce spare capacity (lodging, transport, clothing).

My wife is a cookbook author and chef, so food is a big thing in our house.

There were three areas the strategy broke down. Curious your thoughts on these:

  1. Food does not have the same properties as markets where this has succeeded. It is low-margin, highly competitive, and does not appear to have latent spare capacity.
  2. Food is incredibly sensitive to transport due to fragility, temperature needs, etc. e.g. 2 minutes can be the difference between good pancakes and the best of your life.
  3. The potential for public relation risks are higher. Already, there are 76mm food related illnesses per year (compared to 5.5mm accidents).

Looking forward to your thoughts and best of luck on the adventures ahead.