Brooklyn Nets: What Will Anthony Bennett’s Role Be? (FANSIDED)

While the Nets have a multitude of big men heading into the new year, they don’t really have a player like Bennett. Scola is probably their “best” stretch at the moment, but if Bennett can show that the glimpses we’ve seen during his time in the NBA and with Team Canada are not a fluke he immediately becomes their second-best stretch big on the roster.

Kenny Atkinson is an acclaimed player development coach and if the talent is there he could be the one to lift Bennett out of bust territory and into the land of rotational NBA player. This could all be for naught if the Nets feel like there is nothing left in the tank for Bennett than his time in Brooklyn won’t last long.

However, I BELIEVE IN ANTHONY BENNETT, and I think by the end of this season the Brooklyn Nets will have a reason to believe as well.

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