NBN Head-to-Head: Should the Brooklyn Nets Trade Brook Lopez (FANSIDED)

In our first NBN head-to-head, Brandon Jefferson and Maruful Hossain weigh their thoughts on whether the Brooklyn Nets should trade Brook Lopez.

Head-to-Head: Two writers present two different opinions about the same topic. Who is right?

The issue: Should the Brooklyn Nets trade Brook Lopez?

image via USA Today

Brandon Jefferson: The Brooklyn Nets are in a full-on rebuild. With new names calling the shots in the front office (Sean Marks) and the sidelines (Kenny Atkinson), the beginnings of a new era have taken shape. With a new vision coming for the franchise, the Nets basically have a clean slate.

The one major piece leftover from Mikhail Prokhorov’s “three-year championship window” days is All-Star center Brook Lopez. Lopez is one of the five best centers in the NBA right now and is on the cusp of being one of the 50 best players in the league overall. Lopez’s offensive game is second to none. At seven feet and 268 pounds, he has the body to at least be a nuisance in the middle on defense.

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