Rounding up the end of NBA summer (FANSIDED)

Which caught you more off-guard: Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors or Kevin Durant getting Rick James’ face tattooed on his leg?

Brandon Jefferson (@pengriffey_jr, Friendly Bounce): Definitely getting Rick James’ face tattooed. The Tupac one I can understand because his meaning to culture extended beyond his music. James on the other hand is most well-known for “Super Freak” and the classic impersonation of him done by Dave Chappelle (link is NSFW). After the Thunder bowed out to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, all Durant spoke of was making a “basketball decision” and the Warriors made the most sense from a basketball standpoint. On a different note, if KD is turning his right leg into a musical shrine I’m placing the odds at which legend he adds next in the following order: Biggie Smalls 2:1, Chuck Brown 5:2, Phife Dawg 15:4 and Wu-Tang Clan 30:1.

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