How To Make Badass Chicken Burritos

I enjoy eating and creating new meals, but have little time to do so. So lately I’ve been coming up with some meals that are easy and quick to make. The badass chicken burritos are one of the best meals I have came up with!

I was shopping for burrito makings the other day and I found it…
the secret ingredients to a badass chicken burrito, my friends!

This is seriously the lazy man's dream meal.
Just look at them!

Here’s why these chicken burritos are badass:

  • They taste awesome!
  • They’re easy to make!
  • The meal only takes 30 minutes, or less!
  • They’re cheap to make!

The tools you will need to make these badass chicken burritos:

The ingredients you will need to make these badass chicken burritos:

  • 2–3 cans of chicken (13 oz)
  • 1 package of 8 large tortillas
  • 2 16 oz bags of WalMart’s Great Value brand ‘Southwest Blend’ frozen veggies (sweetcorn, black beans, poblano beans, onions, red peppers and rice)…Of course you may not be able to find that exact bag so stick with a bag with similar ingredients.
  • Can of refried beans
  • Gonna need a little bit of pan spray or oil. I use extra virgin olive oil.
  • Chopped Onion (optional) I like onions!
  • Bag of cheeeese (optional) I found that I preferred these badass burritos without cheese.
  • Bacon (not optional)

Here’s how you make the filling for the badass chicken burritos!

  • Either spray your Wok with non-stick spray or grease it well with olive oil.
  1. Preheat the oven to 375 fahrenheit
  • Throw your onions and chicken in the Wok. Let it cook for a few minutes while between low-medium heat.
  1. Microwave your 2 16 oz bags of Great Value ‘Southwest Blend’ frozen veggies.
  • Add the microwaved veggies to your Wok. Mix the stuff up well. Add bacon. I suggest letting the stuff simmer till it’s not so watery.
  • Now your oven should be preheated and filling is done!
The filling for the badass chicken burritos!

Time to roll and bake these badass chicken burritos!

  1. Open the tortilla shells and lay 1 out.
  2. Open the can of refried beans and get a nice size spoonful to spread in the middle of the flour tortilla shell.
  3. Spoon a nice amount of the chicken and veggie filling onto the middle of the flour tortilla shell.
  4. (optional) Add cheeeese
  5. Roll the burrito up and place onto your baking/cooking sheet.
  6. Let cook for 10–15 minutes. The burritos are ready when the ends and very top start turning a slight brown.

Let them cool and enjoy your badass chicken burritos!

I’d suggest playing around with this recipe to suit your needs and just make it yours. Share your ideas on Your Badass Chicken Burritos in the comments.