Chasing My Dreams

Brandon Jones — Chasing my dream

I’ve always wanted to be able to create something so remarkable in life that I would be able to leave behind a ‘legacy’. All 22 years of my life has given me an insight into my family, this world and the role each of us plays for the future of tomorrow. My memories in life so far are quite special and will always be stored within my heart. I follow my heart and I never steer away from it, because to me your heart is the only thing that will tell you the truth. My heart is connected to my dream, the dream to chase a family of my own. I want to be able to be with the love of my life, a woman who I am so passionate about, that living without her within this world and the next would be unbearable. A woman that with every living moment within each day, you can’t stop thinking about how much she means to you and how you plan to give her the world. To be able to one day marry the love of my life is a dream in itself, but to build a family of my own with her is euphoria. One day I will have everything I need in life my wife and my children, and that’s the only thing that has given me purpose and meaning.

Documenting my life is something new to me, but this isn’t just about me anymore. There is a far bigger picture and I want to be able to give my future family everything that is within me; My heart, my soul, my thoughts, my skills, my success, my struggles, and my undying love. Kids, one day when we are sitting together as a family I will hand you this first letter. By the time you are born and are able to read I will have a few books of my own just specifically for you, with all of my life lessons and experiences. These books will have every single event that has taken place in my life, from the day I met your mother, the day I fell in love with her, and to the day you were born. As much fun as it would be to sit in front of a campfire and tell my best stories, which I will still do of course, it’s so much more special to me if you are able to read along and be there in the moment with me. These books are something you will always be able to keep with you, even up until you grow old and have your own family. Creating a new family tradition is what will make this family so unique and hopefully will give you the feeling of always being loved.

This letter signifies the beginning and my devotion for the love of my life. I know you and i will fight to the ends of this earth to ensure you have everything of me. I will search this world to find what is truly mine and I promise you I will never give up. I will Wisk you off your feet with my handsome looks and my charm. I will pour my heart out as I look you in the eye and tell you my feelings for you. We will have the world at our feet, truly fall in love with each other again and build a family that will live on even when both of us are gone. I promise you, i will never ever give up, Because you give my life purpose and meaning.

There are a couple things I will vow to you my family. I will always love you and protect you from harm within this world. I will give you the future you deserve. I will give you the freedom to find your own independence to be who you truly are. I will be there for every moment within your life from when you learn to walk, to when you get married one day. I want you to remember one thing, you have my heart, and everything of me resides within you and no matter what happens in life I will always be deep down inside of you.

Loving you always