Committing to MetaMask and

It’s ok to take baby steps when being introduced to something new.

This week I decided to test the waters and make a small commit in a repository which I have been interested to committing to.

The first issue I found was in the MetaMask extension library. The issue was very simple, all that was requested is that there be a class added to a certain button. The project is written with React which is something I am familiar enough with. However, this was my first time to be working with a browser extension. For this reason, I thought it would be a good idea to make my first commit a very simple one.

To add the requested class, I forked the project, and cloned it to my local computer. I used VS Code to open the folder and did a global search for the button I was targeting. I knew what the button text was therefore it was not too difficult to find. I looked at other buttons with classes in the file and followed the naming convention of those, which ended with me naming the class: request-signature__footer__sign-button which is not exactly the name I would have came up with on my own.

Once this was completed, I quickly built the project to ensure my changes were functional and then submitted my pull request. I had to wait for one of the project maintainers to approve it, which only took a few hours. They thanked me for my work and quickly merged it into the develop branch and closed the original issue. A few days later they released a Version 6 RC1 commit which included my issue in the list of updates, something I found pretty nice to see.

Overall, my short experience with the MetaMask project was a positive one and I believe I will be looking to the project for future contributions.

My next commit will be in I will attempt to make more significant changes and hopefully expand my understanding of Open Source contribution. I’ve already started on an issue which is to add a new token to the wallet of this application.