Contributing to FilerJS

Many of the files in FilerJS were written before ES2015. Therefore, there is no used of block scope variables such as let and const. I decided there was a need to modernize a portion of the code. While the process was simple, it was a good outline into how you should go about contributing to an open source project, as the process went from issue creation to submitting a pull request.

My first step to get the ball rolling was to submit an issue. I stated that I would like to modernize some of the code and that I would fix all function declarations and imports. Very quickly, I was given the go ahead to begin working on this issue. Initially, I had only fixed some of the function imports. However, once I submitted my pull request, I was asked to fix all function declarations in the file. Furthermore, I was given the recommendation to use destructing assignment. I made the changes and waited for the tests to confirm that all was working before submitting the changes which were requested.

While waiting for my pull request to be approved/reviewed I had a look into other pull requests which were waiting for approval. I had spotted one in which the contributor was only using let. I figured it would be best to use const in his document as he was never actually modifying the value of the variables. A maintainer of the project agreed with my statement and the contributor was able to make the changes.

At this point, I am still waiting for my second review, however I’ll be sure to update you all once this is done! In the meantime I will continue looking for possible future contributions in the hopes on increasing my mark on the internet!