Summary of a Month of Contributions

Making many small contributions to various projects over the month has proved to be quite a good way to develop my skills in git as well as the development in general. I was able to see the various ways projects are organized on GitHub as well as the different environments that are setup for certain kinds of projects and languages. While most projects were quite straight forward to setup, there were a couple that were incredibly complex. Specifically the Status projects as they are using a very unique set up tools in order to be able to use one code base across all platforms, both desktop and mobile.

I learned that it is impossible to gauge how difficult a issue is to fix. Upon first glance, some of the issues I attempted appeared to be difficult but in the end were very simple fixes. While sometimes it was the reverse. Therefore, I learned to simply take on any issue which I thought to be important for me. I knew that if I were to run into any issues there was usually a very supportive community behind the project that would be glad to assist.

I was also able to exercise my knowledge of git as well as learn new commands that will be useful in the future. I see now that this fundamental knowledge which seems simple at first can become very powerful once you dive into the more nitty gritty aspects of it.

If I were to do this again however, I believe I would try and stick with one project. It appeared as though I spent a lot of time installing dependencies and setting up the environment and not so much time actually working on code. If you were to limit yourself to one repository you would not only have the environment set up already, but be familiar with it and with the practices that the project uses.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed contributing to so many open source projects as well as exploring the projects that are out there.

Here is a list of all my pull requests this month: