King’s Log: 10/16/2017 “Me Too”

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If you’re reading this for the first time, stick with me and I’ll either try to make you laugh or think. It’s up to you in what you decide.

There’s a quote from Abraham Lincoln that states, “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

As of last night, I had this quote tested and proven by one man. Though I will not give his name, I’ll give you the run-down as to what happened.

A Facebook acquaintance I used to have always posted outrageous and idiotic things on a near daily basis. He would discuss how women are nothing but degrading for not wanting to sleep with him. He would proclaim to always smoke weed to “be cool like the cool kids back in the day,”; the man was 28 years old.

More importantly, whenever someone would call him on his outlandish sayings, he would back pedal and claim ignorance.

It wasn’t until last night that he broke the final straw.

Allow me to explain.

#MeToo was the hashtag for men and women to put as their status to show they have been sexually harassed or assaulted.

In Hollywood, there is a man named Harvey Weinstein who has had more than two dozen women come out and say that he had sexually harassed and or assaulted them. The allegations are proving to be true and this is more of a serious notion to the way this nation can objectify women.

What this man decided to do was log onto Facebook and make light of the allegations made by these women. He went as far as to say, “Look at it this way, at least he had class enough to ask…he probably just wanted to show the goods.”

As a journalist, I can understand the importance of the first amendment. We were allowed by the words of our forefathers to say what we want however we wanted to. Therefore, I respect his tenacity to say what’s on his mind.

However, by my first amendment right, I’m allowed to express myself.

I won’t go into the full detail as to what I said to the man. What I said was not out of anger but more out of disgust.

Coming from a family and group of friends who has strong, brave women who have been either sexually harassed or assaulted, this hurt me. What each of these women have gone through and have been able to survive is braver than anything that one of these sexist men have been able to do.

It sickens me that men like this are able to represent the male gender. As any woman who has faced tragedy by a man’s hand or has had their heartbroken, I tell them always the same thing, “I hear you. You’re allowed to feel this way. Just know that not every man is this way.”

The fact that I have to say this at all is tragic.

As a man who is in a loving relationship, I can’t help but think about the hurdles that women have to go through on a daily basis. I think about my future with her and wonder what life may have in store for us.

God, if I’m lucky, what if I were to have a baby girl? There is nothing more that I would want to do than protect her from the beasts of men. I’d want her to know that there will be terrible people out there that are nothing more than leeches on the side of life to suck out all that’s right with the world.

If anything, I’d want her to show the way for not only women but for people in general.

This climate of sexual harassment isn’t going to stop unless we acknowledge that it’s not normal and that it’s not okay.

Oh, and for those who’ll want to claim their reasoning on the way they were raised, it being a different time or anything else, know this: Those who demand change don’t give a damn about your excuse.

If we want to continue to claim that we, as humans, have progressed so far, then we must act like it.

Until next time,

Brandon King

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