Restaurant Wifi Marketing Strategies

Why you need Wifi Marketing?

Wifi marketing or hotspot marketing is becoming more and more popular. Especially in the United States. While the concept of having a captive portal on your wifi network to protect your restaurant business from people abusing your wifi network isn’t new, using free wifi as a way to entice customers to spending more time and hopefully more money has increased in popularity.

My goal as Owner of Bot Hero is to not just offer a generic captive portal technology, but provide you with the tools to bring back more customers to your restaurant. I know this is tough, really tough. Which is why we built Bot Hero.

Our best customers use Bot Hero to solve their restaurants needs. While each promotion or use case can be custom tailored to your individual restaurant, using our social Wifi as more of a utility rather than just another marketing plan or gimmick is consistently helping to grow restaurants.

We are helping restaurants create systems that are better than their fishbowl, more accurate than a punch card, and more profitable than a rewards system.

1.) If you are giving away wifi for free might as well let them know its coming from you.

2.) Better than a punch card

Wifi advertising is better than a punch card, when customers are using your social wifi frequently they are in your restaurants frequently use the guest logins to the wifi as a form of rewards. For example a guest log in to wifi 10 or more times offer them a free appetizer or even just say thank you for being a great customer. Your loyal customers deserve a little recognition every once in a while. Your hotspot system needs to have a strategy behind it, create a strategy and grow your restaurant.

3.) Better than a comment card

When a guest provides an opt-in email at your restaurant they spent a good amount of time in your restaurant eating and drinking. This is a great time to identify areas of opportunity. It can be as simple as sending an email asking them how their service was or even providing a link to a survey you have created. The goal here is to optimize the customer experience. You’ll never make everyone happy, but customer engagement is the key.

Comment cards are outdated. Bot Hero is better than a comment card, send a “personalized” email for more customer engagement and higher quality results.

4.) Better than paid Facebook advertising.

If you do any sort of Facebook marketing you know that to reach a large or targeted audience you are going to have to pay. Effective Facebook ads comes with a hefty cost, but with our Wifi hotspot Just export your emails and load them into Facebook. The Best part is these people that are logging into the social wifi are people that have been to your restaurant. No more paying for Facebook likes of people that will never set foot in your location.

5.) Better than a fishbowl

Restaurant email marketing is like gold if you can engage your customers in the right way. You can throw coupons and sweepstakes at your restaurant customers all day, But providing value to your customer is what brings them back. Create a restaurant newsletter. We love this idea. Especially if your restaurant is in a smaller market. Make it not just a restaurant newsletter, but a community newsletter. Produce content that people want to read. Highlight your regulars, and help the community. For example, say you have a regular at your restaurant starting a babysitting business. Offer to post his/her ad to your restaurants email subscribers. Its a win, win, win. Your customers may be looking for a babysitter, your regular customer will love you forever with the kind gesture, and who knows maybe your email subscriber will hire a babysitter and take a night off in your restaurant/bar.