What is a Circular Economy? What makes an economy bioregional? In this article we explore the potential benefits and pitfalls circular economics.

The Frisco Bay Mussel Group was a group started by Judy Goldhaft and Peter Berg who founded Planet Drum in 1976.

Beyond the public health and economic crises, the COVID 19 pandemic could trigger the most significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the past century. Creating new benchmarks for a regenerative future.

How big is a bioregion? How is it’s scale defined? In this article, we jump into just what makes a bioregion.

  1. A bioregion is an area defined by natural boundaries, rather than arbitrary human made ones.
  2. A bioregion is the full extent of the watersheds within an interconnected area, the largest sense of scale based on physical similarities that makes sense.
  3. A bioregion can be made up of many ecosystems, soil…

Transcript. Author of Growing a Revolution: Bringing our Soil Back to Life.

Brandon Letsinger

Open source advocate, movement builder, CascadiaNow! founder. https://deptofbioregion.org

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