Teaching machines how to do standardized test-like reading questions.

This project and article was jointly done by Yonah Mann, Rohan Menezes and myself.

When you think about it, reading comprehension is kind of a miracle of human thinking. That we can take a piece of text and, with little to no context, gain a deep understanding of the purpose of the text and even infer facts that do not feature verbatim in the text is really quite difficult and impressive. In the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, researchers have spent years and even decades trying to teach machines to read and comprehend. …

This article is a continuation of a previous article about Penn Course Review’s new redesign. See here for that article.

A monolithic project

Maintaining Penn Course Review was never an easy task. Being one of Penn Labs’ most well-known products and having one of our largest codebases, working on the project was a massive undertaking. Nevertheless, the fantastic developers at Penn Labs helped make the new makeover possible.

This article serves to highlight some of the technicalities of the new makeover.

About Penn Course Review

Penn Course Review is primarily written in Python, using the Django framework. …

Brandon Lin

Aspiring computer scientist, algorithmist, machine learning geek, and speedcuber.

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