Change Your Life

“If you look around you,
You’ll see people’s lives and thoughts on autopilot.
Now you tell me why someone else is
dictating your life and thoughts?
Why? Why are your thoughts being manipulated by external variables?
What does it take to change those thoughts and therefore change your habits in life?
Let’s start with the concept of speed.
Newton’s laws of motion,
Newtons first law of motion.
An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an external force.
This law teaches us to exterminate all negative external forces.
So we remain in constant motion.
This knowledge is taught in high schools, colleges, its all around you.
You can give me any task, I will demolish it.
I don’t care if I’ve ever done it. I don’t care if I’ve ever heard of it.
I don’t even care if it’s ever been done.
Life isn’t easy like that. You have to hustle. You have to push yourself, pain yourself.
See I can do anything because I’ve grasped the law of motion.
Will you plummet down, or soar up? Your perception decides.
Eliminate unnecessary external forces
Waste no time, and ascend perpetually.
So that your speed will never lose its motion.
Now I need you to be patient, because I need you to give your gift…
Listen to me, I need you to give your gift
Time to mature.
Alright? I need you to fully develop.
The Law of Attraction states that what you seek, is seeking you.
And that your frequencies and vibrations are energies.
Which have a boomerang effect.
Your attitude determines your direction.
The speed acquired will determine if you get there.
The attitude acquired will determine how you get there.
I’m talking about letting your character catch up with your talent. Ok?
Just because you got talent, I mean you can ask some of the most talented people in the world
They got there.
Their talent took them places that their
character couldn’t keep them.
And they wish they could have started all
over again and been patient.
And not just waited for the fame or the success,
but for the maturity, are you hearing me?
For their character to fully develop.
Stop rushing things that aren’t meant to be
rushed. If you must rush things
Then rush becoming patient.
Be so patient that you’re in a hurry.
Enjoy the process of life, fall in love
with the process.
Impatience is an ugly trait. Nobody
likes impatient people.
A lack of patience affects those
around you.
It’s like a gigantic domino effect…of failure.
And the worst part about it is, you won’t see the chaos until it’s too late.
Let’s say you’re at a halt in a vehicle at a red light.
The light beams green and the vehicle beside you instantly slams on the gas, maxing out the vehicles speed in seconds.
That same vehicle that was once beside you is now distant heading towards an intersection.
As you near the intersection, you witness a car crash.
Their life…over.
The other drivers life…over.
And your life…Aware…Patient….Obedient and Alert….Alive.
Do society a deed,
before you make decisions, pick up a book and read,
and understand that every success has a seed.
Only because behind that success is a patient individual,
who did his work and is able to lead.
“But I’m not a born leader”
What a POOR excuse!
And those things called excuses get you
zero percent closer to your goal.
The greatest leaders lead from the back, a
humility that is so powerful
it makes the impossible, possible.
Their light is so dim it’s luminescent. Their footsteps are so quiet they’re thunderous.
And their presence is so unknown
It’s illustrious.
As a leader you must make your own decisions. You
must fill your days with positive habits
and repeatedly complete them. Day in and day out.
Take your mind and your heart and combine them,
Dig out your passion and build greater people of that passion.
Don’t preach what you can’t do.
Whatever you do, do not be a hypocrite.
Being a leader consists of work. You must lead by example.
You cannot lead until you can serve.
You cannot serve until you can work.
You cannot work until you see potential.”

This is an exert from my all time favorite motivational video called “Change Your Life Motivational Video” that was published by Ping Pong Studio. It has since been taken down off of Youtube, but the messages it sends still resonate deep within me. These words changed my life, and if you take to heart the meaning of what is said here, I know they will change your life too.