Collaborate Or Be Left Behind

It May Sound Harsh, But It’s True

As a new generation enters the workforce, they play by their own rules.

But that doesn’t mean that they’re just a gaggle of rogues in their cubicles working in a vacuum.

They prefer to collaborate over individual contributorship … by a large margin, according to the infographic below from Column Five and PGi.

They’ve done the analysis, and it’s overwhelmingly clear that the competitive landscape for unleashing employee productivity and customer satisfaction is changing.

Infographic from the awesome folks at PGi and Column Five

The Benefits Are Real, If You Nurture Them

Innovation, improved time to market, and increased productivity are just a handful of benefits that building a collaborative framework within your company will get you.

How businesses start to weave their enterprise data into these social structures — in a way the next generation expects — has both cultural and organizational implications.

You can’t just install collaboration and messaging into your culture. You have to foster it from within, and support it with technology in the right context. It’s a nuanced topic that puts user experience and the customer front and center — so keep it simple at first, and layer in additional capability over time.

Complexity Is A Killer

No longer can people be stranded on remote islands of outdated communication systems far away from where employees and customers are gathering.

We have a different vision. One where Slack brings customers and employees together, aligns them in real-time on any device, and is threaded with their enterprise data in ways that make it enjoyable to work with.

User experience is now the front line of competitive advantage. The best user experience is painless, simple, and allows easy access to all the information you need to get the job done.

How To Keep Up

So the question isn’t if you should be thinking about collaboration and messaging — but rather where to start.

Setup your collaboration framework where your employees already communicate. That’s Slack, and that’s where work is getting done.

Then fire up your Salesforce workflows with Woobot, and watch your team do amazing things.

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