The Future Is Upon Us

That’s a Cheesy Line

Trust me … I know.

But it sure is true.

How we work, and how we use apps is fundamentally changing, and it’s happening crazy fast.

In a previous post, Collaborate Or Be Left Behind, we laid out a path for what the future of work is starting to look like:

  • No longer can people be stranded on remote islands of outdated communication systems far away from where employees and customers are gathering.
  • The best user experience is painless, simple, and allows easy access to all the information you need to get the job done.
  • User experience is now the front line of competitive advantage.
We also shared our vision where Slack brings people together, aligns them in real-time on any device, and is threaded with their enterprise data in ways that make it enjoyable to work with.

So, What Does That Look Like?

Let’s take a sales process, like managing leads in Salesforce.

As an inside sales person, I’m responsible for qualifying leads prior to collaborating with another team for follow-up and closure.

As those leads come in, Slack simply notifies me of their arrival, where I can set the status, and collaborate with my team to get things moving.

All without leaving the context of messaging and my team in Slack.

But we should be able to do more than just that!

I want to lock down that call for Friday with Adam, so I’m picking up the phone now.

And when I do, I can quickly pull up Adam’s Lead record and log that call.

You saw that right. Woobot search lets you drill directly to a lead record with a simple search command.

Now I can now @mention, search, and collaborate with my team as things progress through the sales funnel — completely in context.

This Is Just The Beginning

Managing your opportunities, updating them during critical deal stages, and bringing management into the conversation when you need them most is just the beginning of a broader narrative that unfolds as you engage with your Salesforce data using Woobot.

How can we help you unlock this potential in your organization? Drop us a line and let’s do this.