Your biggest asset is your Social Media.

Most people use social media these days and you see all kinds of things on there. From pictures of your old college roommates dogs to the “Fake News” our President is constantly touting. Most people get caught up in these aspects of rabble rousing and reminiscing and never really get the true value out of having an entire worlds population literally at your fingertips. With so much access there has to be ways to extract just as much value out of all the time you spend on Social Media anyways. Well, there is! Lets take a look at just how useful social media actually is and how it is going to become your biggest asset from this day forward with this tip on finding a job.

Finding a job

If you’ve ever been on the job hunt you know just how hard it can be to secure that lucrative job you need to move forward on your path to riches. Well, here is a tool to make that search just a little easier….

On Twitter — Use Hashtags (#) to find people in the industry you would like to be in. For example if I wanted to work with or as a Dentist I might search for #dentist, #rootcanal, #dental, #teeth, #oralhygiene. After searching, click show filter option and change location option from “Anywhere” to “Near You”. You should now see a range of posts from local dentists and be able to connect with them. You can follow them and share content with them as well as engage with their content.

The point of this is that you are building your network. If you genuinely connect with this Dentist, even if there are no positions available at that office he may be able to connect you with another office that is looking to hire and some of these positions may never actually make it to a job posting site.

This is just one method of many of using social media to your advantage and making it your biggest asset. Follow me for me tips and ideas on how you can leverage your social media account.