Why Dune Should Win Best Picture

The big night is right around the corner, on March 27th the 94th Academy Awards will take place, an award show that is far from its prime. With dwindling viewership, hosting controversies and ending squabble about when the academy awards will come around and get behind comic book movies. The current front runners for Best Picture are The Power of the Dog & CODA which are both great movies, The Power of the Dog has been leading the pack with most saying its already decided that The Power of the Dog and its director Jane Campion will win Best Picture and Best Director respectively, outcome that is as boring as the Oscars themselves have become. The oscars needs to get with the times, break some rules, have some fun, one of the last times in recent memory the oscars were fun was two years ago when Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite steamrolled the awards show, every time Bong Joon-ho would win and walk up to the podium he was even more flabbergasted than the last time, it created buzz and an electricity in the air, things felt fresh, thing felt like they had changed. You know what didn’t feel fresh or fun or energetic was the following year when Nomadland won, was it a beautiful film sure, but best picture worthy? There’s just no way, the Academy has a problem where they award between looking movies that are equally boring and tough drab films to watch, example Nomadland, example The Power of the Dog.

That leads to the question at hand should Dune win Best Picture. Director Denis Villeneuve has yet to get his statue in hand from the academy even though his filmography of the last seven years proves his mastery in film making, Sicario, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049, and that’s not even mentioning his other great films. He is a true master and currently at the top of his game. Don’t get me wrong Dune is going to sweep the Oscars for many technical achievements Best Costume Design, Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Visual Effects, Best Production Design which is great, technical achievements are great and no-one will be upset if Hans Zimmer gets another Oscar for his Original Score where he created new instruments just for the film. But, The real winner of the Academy Awards has always been the film that gets Best Picture and it should be awarded to Dune. The movie is a near perfect movie, its shot beautifully, it tells a great story, its high brow science fiction with wild visual effects and takes itself very serious, the Academy still hasn’t come around to giving a goofy MCU the best picture and it may take many years until they do but Dune isn’t the MCU, its a space epic that the Academy should get behind, its got everything they want a director who is serious about his craft and passion for movies and filmmaking, every time he directors he gathers a murderers row of talent behind the scenes and every actor and actress is lining up to be in front of the camera. 2022 was the year and instead it will be another drab year with another boring movie that nobody really cares about winning Best Picture and the viewership will continue to drop for the Oscars. The oscars need that Desert Power, instead they continue to live in fear and do the same old, well Fear is the Mind-Killer.




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