A Few Simple Tips to Show You How to Build a Strong LinkedIn Group

By reading this post, you’ll learn a few tips that will help you build a strong LinkedIn group.

Before you start your LinkedIn group, it’s very important that you determine exactly what your purpose or mission of the group is going to be ie: to network, to answer questions, or to ask questions.

Build Awareness

Once you understand what the goal of your LinkedIn group is, the next step is to start to build some excitement around it. Some ways that you can help build awareness for your group are: include a mention of your new LinkedIn group in your email newsletter; place the link to your new LinkedIn group in your email signature; invite people to join your group via the LinkedIn group invite function; or include a mention of your LinkedIn group, along with a link to the group, at the bottom of all your blog posts.

Build Excitement

Like in anything that you launch, you’re going to want to be sure you’re building some excitement and momentum around your new LinkedIn group. People love excitement, so if you can get a little hype built up around your group, it will pay you big relationship dividends very quickly. To help build up excitement, you can include a call-to-action along these lines, “Join over 2,000 of your fellow peers in this resourceful LinkedIn group.” Obviously, you’re going to customize the call-to-action to make it fit for the market segment that your LinkedIn group covers, but you get the idea behind it… it’s creating some buzz around people being in the same groups as their peers.

Cross Promote

Cross promoting your group (authentically) across other similar LinkedIn groups, is another great idea that will help you get some momentum. In some instances, a highly personalized message may be required to get a particular market segment influencer to join your group. You can say something along these lines, “I just started a new LinkedIn group and feel that your expertise will add strong value to our group members. We’d be honored to have you.” Again, you get the idea here, it’s all about positioning your LinkedIn group as being a value add to the person that’s going to be an active member.

Form Relationships

Running a successful LinkedIn group is definitely going to take a commitment from you, but the relationships that you’ll form with your group members will be well worth it in the end.

We Can Help You

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