Business Tips for the Small Business Entrepreneur


Below are some of the best business tips I was able to quickly put together and share.

To be successful in business, you need to not only now what to do, but you need to know how to do it, and you’re most likely going to need to do everything yourself in the beginning. I’d definitely recommend learning as much as you can, as often as you can, and then putting what you learned into action.

You can never be too smart in business. Enjoy the information.


Don’t just waste your time putting together content that no one is going to see. If you’re investing the time, do it right by writing with the intent to get your articles ranked by search engines.

To get your article ranked, you need to know what works, and then you need to follow the road map for success. Instead of me making this super difficult and hard to understand, I’m just going to lay out a super easy road map for you to follow to get your articles ranked by search engines.

– Use a title that includes your keyword, or better yet, keyword phrase, for the topic you want to get your article ranked in
– Start the title with the keyword, or keyword phrase, that you’ve selected
– Make sure you use the keyword, or keyword phrase you selected in the first sentence, in the middle of the article, and then in the last sentence
– Include the keyword you selected in your header and sub-header tags

And above all, don’t overdue it with your keyword, or keyword phrases that you include in the article. The idea in utilizing these tips is to help get your article ranked by search engines, not penalized, so be sure to make your article reads naturally and fluently.


If you don’t love what you do, it’s going to show through to the person you’re speaking with and you’re not going to come across as being authentic.

When you come across as NOT being authentic, it messes up the perception of the person you’re speaking with, and it makes them put up their natural defense mechanisms, which isn’t going to play in your favor.

If you don’t love what you do, you’d be better off just coming out and saying it, this way there’s no confusion. You have to understand that people tend to look or listen for things that don’t sound right, so when you give mixed verbal signals, and even worse, negative body language signals, the other person wants to pick up and run in the other direction.

What you want to do is get engaged in conversations that revolve around things you love, this way you’re being one hundred percent authentic. Hope that all makes sense. The bottom line is, “love what you do, and do it because you love it.”


It’s not rocket science to understand that if you don’t ask for something, that you’re not going to get it.

This especially holds true in sales, but still, so many sales people flirt around with the idea around the sale, but never end up asking for it in the end. If you don’t ask, I can assure you… you’re most likely not going to get it.

The best thing you can do to help your sales improve right away, is start asking for the sale. I’m not talking about asking for it at the wrong time, I’m talking about building up enough value with the person you’re talking with, so that the next logical step is for you to actually ask for the sale.

There are two things you need to know in sales… the first is that you need to know what to do, and the second is that you need to know when to do it. You need to have a good understanding of both of these core pillars of successful sales cycles to really get things going for yourself.

Don’t skip steps, don’t take shortcuts, and don’t sell yourself short by not asking for the sale. You’ve most likely done all the hard work and put the time in, know it’s time for you to reap the rewards.

Remember, action is everything, so take what you learned here thus far, and do something with it… don’t just sit on it and wait for tomorrow… take the first step right now.


There’s no need to keep going on and on once the client agrees to the sale.

Continuing to try and upsell additional products and services may either stall the sale you already had in the bag, or it may make the person double think their decision and you not get the sale at all. I always say, “lock down the immediate sale in front of you, and then circle back and upsell additional products and services.”

There’s no sense in risking everything just to add a few more dollars to the initial sale.

The key here is you need to listen to the buying confirmation signals so that you know when a person is done being sold. Unfortunately most sales reps are so busy listening to themselves sell, that they never even here the person say, “I’m ready to buy.”

Sounds crazy, but it’s true. So here are your takeaways… listen intently to the words and voice reflection of the person you’re selling to, watch their body language, and when all signs come together, hit them with the paperwork and get the deal done right then and there.


Great companies back up their products and services, but when the tides start to change, and the corporate philosophy starts to change, it may be time for you to leave your current company.

Your job does not define you… you define who you are by your actions and what you stand for in life, so don’t get stuck in the rut of feeling unfulfilled at the end of every day because you feel like there’s no way out of job you’re not happy in. There’s a way out, but the first step is realizing that your current company may not be the best fit for you moving forward.

Leaving your current company… this isn’t about feeling bad for your current company, or being upset and angry at them… it’s just about you taking charge in your life and taking steps so that you can continue to be happy.

I’ve listed thirteen of the most popular ways to know when, “it’s time to move on,” from your current company.

– If you’re not drinking the Kool-Aid anymore
– If you keep asking yourself what in the world you’re doing there
– If you don’t think that the company is living up to your standards
– If your heart keeps telling you that you’re wasting your time
– If it feels like you’re stuck in quicksand and that you’re never going to get out
– If you feel that you’re letting down your customers by selling your products or services
– If you feel that the company is headed in the wrong direction
– If your company calls meetings to plan other meetings
– If your company is all about collecting money and not providing the proper support
– If you go home at the end of every day not feeling fulfilled
– If you’re just flat out not happy and you’re disappointed with the way your day went on a daily basis
– If your company says that they’re going to do one thing, but does another
– If your company charges a lot of money, but delivers very little in return

If you can relate to at least half of these, it’s definitely time for you to go… without a doubt.

Be smart about it… I’m not saying to just get up, grab your keys, and go… what I’m saying is that it’s time for you to start looking at alternative options that are ultimately going to put you in a better state of mental health.


There you have it, all the great business tips for the small business entrepreneur that I was able to think of at this time.

Like I always say, “you need to flat out take action on what you learn.” If you don’t take action, nothing is going to change and you’re just going to keep clogging your brain with more and more information.


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This accompanying article, “Smart and Inspirational Business Tips for Entrepreneurs” will help you out as well. Also, here’s the matching SlideShare presentation if you’d like to present this information to your staff.

The above content is original and was created by Brandon Schaefer, CEO of MyVirtualSalesForce, with all rights reserved. Brandon Schaefer is an entrepreneur, public speaker, author, brand advocate, investor, market segment influencer, and brand advisor.

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