Yes, it’s great to have a massive list of email subscribers, but if your list is old and outdated and no one is taking action on what you send out, you have to ask yourself… what’s the real purpose of it.

There’s no purpose in you continuing to pay an email service provider to host all your useless email addresses of people that never take action on what you send out.


What you need to do in terms of your email subscribers, is focus on your engagers… the people that are taking action on the emails that you send out, and then dump the rest.

A good idea is to work on furthering your relationships and finding out more about your email subscribers that are taking action with what you send out, such as: what they do for their business, how your information helps them in their business, or anything else you can think of to make your relationship more personal.


Personally speaking, once I started focusing on my email subscribers that were engaging on what I sent out, my entire world opened up, and new additional sales opportunities came about.

Where as before, when I was focusing on every one of my email subscribers, I was running so fast that I was losing site of what was really important… which was my focusing on my engagers. What’s important today, is that I take care of what I have, and that I provide the ultimate client experience to those people and businesses that put their trust in me.

Yes, I love to write new business, but I committed to my current clients in full, to treat them first… this is my one-percent crew. We form real relationships together, we understand each other, and we sincerely care about each others well being both personally and in business.


It’s not easy to offer a highly personalized service for a lot of people and businesses without a massive support staff, so if you don’t have the massive staffing budget, just focus on providing the highest quality product or service you can, with the budget and personnel that you have.


It’s easy in the beginning to think, numbers, numbers, numbers, but I’d rather sell ten cupcakes to one person, rather than ten cupcakes to ten people… that just makes more sense to me.

Your current client base is most likely where your best opportunity to increase sales is going to be, so don’t overlook what you have sitting right there in front of you.


Respect your email subscribers addresses, don’t just send out junk, and whatever you do, build your email subscriber list up naturally. It may grow slow, but it will work for you in the future… believe me, I speak from personal experience.


To wrap things up, simply go through your email subscribers list, sort the people that interact with your emails, sort the people that do nothing, then separate your email list into two categories, the (engagers and non-engagers) and then focus on the ones that are engaging with you.

Dump the rest (non-engagers) and start fresh. It may be tough at first, but it will be much more rewarding later. This will allow you to focus on what really matters, the great clients that you already have in front of you.

Serve your clients the best meal they’ve ever had, make their experience so great that they’ll tell there friends, and you will see success like never before.


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