Focus on the Social Media Channels that Work for Your Brand

Trying to hit a grand slam on every social media channel is not going to work. What is going to work, is hitting singles on each of your social media channels, so that you can see where your branding messages are resonating the most, and then you can focus your activities on hitting grand slams on those specific channels.

The idea here is to find the social media channels that works best for you, and then just continue to build them out. Trying to be everything, to everyone, on every single social media channel, is going to drive you to frustration levels beyond what you can imagine.

Test your engagement levels on all your social media channels over a period of time in the beginning, and once you get some traction on one or two of them, move your primary focus to those outlets. You want to focus and dedicate your time where you’re brand is receiving the most engagement. Social media marketing experts refer to this as, “Fishing where the fish are,” and it makes total sense.

When you concentrate on your core social media channels that provide you with the best results, it allows you to focus and actually engage with people in a real and personal way. By doing this, you’ll dramatically increase your results. Posting and running is not an option either, you need to hang around on the social network after you share an update, and you need to engage in conversation with anyone liking or commenting on what you just shared.

Stay away from the “Look at me, look at me, look at how great I am” type of posts, and move your focus to sharing helpful, useful, and engaging information that resonates with your target market audience. You get what you give with social media, so if you put out trash, you can expect trash back, and if you put out super enriching and helpful information, you can expect excellent engagement and activities on your social media posts.

Here’s a quick seven step recap of everything.

  1. Don’t Try and Hit a Grand Slam on all Your Social Media Channels
  2. Find the Social Media Channels that Work for Your Brand and Build Them
  3. Focus on Putting Out Great Content
  4. Focus on Engaging in Real Time, Forming Real Relationships
  5. Don’t Post and Run
  6. Don’t Make Every Post About Your Business
  7. Share Your Wealth of Knowledge on Your Social Media Channels

Brands that engage with people in real time on their social media channels will see dramatically different results than those brands that make everything about themselves. Make your brands activities all about your audience, and your social media channels will grow organically over time, yielding you positive results for years to come!

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