GoAnimate provides users the ability to make professional animated videos, at a low cost, with simple do-it-yourself tools.

In terms of self-made animated videos, it doesn’t get much simpler than what GoAnimate offers… in fact, a user can make their first video in less than five minutes.


Some of the advantages of using GoAnimate’s online animated video production service are as follows: users can produce high end professional explainer videos without the headaches; users can simply create an account online with GoAnimate, and immediately start producing animated videos, absolutely no setup is required; users can do everything themselves, there’s no need to hire outside help, all the tools you need are provided within the GoAnimate user interface; user subscriptions include unlimited everything, covering creation and hosting; and there’s also a free trial period for you to test out GoAnimate’s professional do-it-yourself animated video making service.

To put it simply, GoAnimate provides users with all the powerful tools they need to produce professional animated videos, right at the easy click of their mouse. From adding a character, to swapping a background, it’s all as simple as dragging and dropping.


Animated videos provide users the ability to tell their story out loud, to make points of interest stick out, to bring clarity to messages, to bring products to life, and to engage the users watching the animated explainer videos in a new and exciting way.


GoAnimate enables users to easily switch backgrounds, add props, and insert characters with ease… all an end user needs to do is create a unique story script to go along with the video.

Adding voice dialog, or voice narration, is simple as well. Voice recording is done by either recording directly into GoAnimate, or by importing a previously recorded audio file. One of the best parts about GoAnimate’s voice feature is that the characters actually lip sync what is being said, adding a very nice touch to the video. Sound effects can be dropped into the video to add that extra special touch as well.


Once the video is completed, GoAnimate makes it simple for users to publish it so that the public eye can view it. All the user needs to do is export the animated video as an HD quality video, and then the user can share the video to any platform, such as YouTube, or embed the video on a website. Single click sharing options to all the most popular social networks is supported directly within the GoAnimate user console.

Some sample animated videos may be viewed by clicking on the image below.

These are all great examples of real businesses that use GoAnimate.


Use GoAnimate’s video platform to increase content and inbound marketing conversions, to grab your audiences attention, to share dynamic charts and infographics, to increase the reach of your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, to create unique sales presentations that clients love to engage with, and to create and share unique and compelling video content to any of the major social media networks that support video.

The bottom line with GoAnimate is that it enables users to differentiate themselves from the pack, and when people differentiate themselves from the pack, it gives them a distinct advantage, and when people have a distinct advantage, it typically relates to increased revenues and higher profit margins… this is why it’s important to use video!


The staff at GoAnimate is beyond helpful… in fact, they’re completely amazing.

Every support ticket is answered in a timely fashion, and the end user is provided with crystal clear instructions as to how to resolve the question at hand.


Recently, I was personally fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview Gary Lipkowitz (COO of GoAnimate) and I wanted to share some of the thoughts we went over below.


Brandon — What is an animated video in simple terms?
Gary — It’s a video with animated scenes and characters instead of live action scenes and characters.


Brandon — What are the benefits of using an animated video?
Gary — You can use video to drive traffic to your home page and to let people know why they’re there, as well as what you’re offering. Video will boost engagement and conversion on landing pages. Email is also a great way to share videos, people are attracted to the little triangle that overlays the actual video image, it’s a great way to boost engagement inside of email. Video is a great way to share your expertise, and it’s a great way to build relationships and attract customers. Video is a great way for your content marketing to stand out from the pack.


Brandon — Why use an animated video instead of a live action video?
Gary — Live action video is great for medium size things, in medium size environments, that are easy to aim a camera at. With live video you can’t aim a camera at a global logistics strategy, but with animation you can represent it very effectively, while keeping the cost of production down. With animation you can represent something very small, like a microchip, in a very effective manner.


Brandon — What are the benefits of using animated characters in videos?
Gary — Animated characters are universally likable, and easy to bond with. They look friendly, they look non-threatening, they don’t look like you, they don’t look like anyone else that we know, they’re just real easy to hop on and go for a ride with.


Brandon — How does GoAnimate make it easy for people to make videos?
Gary — We set a stage (background) in a rectangle on the screen and make them all easily interchangeable. You can simply click on characters and they appear on the stage, very similar to how you work in PowerPoint. It’s as simple as drag and drop. The characters can move around very easily, just click where you want the character to start, and where you want them to finish, and you’re done.


Brandon — What’s the optimal length for an animated video?
Gary — For home page explainer videos, we feel like the best length is between ninety seconds and two minutes. You need to give yourself enough time to motivate someone to do something. It takes a little time for people to get the idea. Leave them wanting more after they watch the video.


Brandon — Where can people find out more about GoAnimate?
Gary — There’s a fourteen day free trial. There are annual and monthly subscriptions available. The website is GoAnimate.com and to see some really nice examples, go to GoAnimate.com/videos and check them out. It’s point and click, drag and drop, and super easy to use.

Gary is the type of person that actually brings you to life when you talk to him… he’s vibrant and has a very positive outlook on life and business… and he’s definitely a person that if you ever get the chance to personally speak with, take full advantage of it, your time will be well spent.


GoAnimate is a dynamite way to make professional animated videos… there’s no doubt about it.

Hands down, it’s the best solution available in the marketplace for making professional animated videos. When you have a moment, stop over and visit GoAnimate.com and sign up for your FREE trial today… and let them know that Brandon from90DayEntrepreneur sent you!


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