Launching a successful product doesn’t have to be difficult… in fact, in most cases, the simpler the product launch is, the more likely it’s going to succeed.

If you’re thinking about launching a product in the near future, but are still kind of lost as to exactly what the best initial steps are… follow the below seven easy to understand steps to launch a successful product, and they’ll point you in the proper direction.

  1. Get user groups to test your product and provide you with feedback
  2. Make sure your packaging catches a person’s eye within the first three seconds
  3. Make sure your product is built of high quality and is reliable
  4. Be cognizant of your profit margins both in retail and wholesale environments
  5. Don’t have too much of your product manufactured at one time
  6. Be sure you protect yourself by submitting a patent application
  7. Select the retailers you want to sell your product to and get appointments with them

Companies that launch a successful product are successful because they plan to be successful, by putting the time and money into the research before the product actually launches.

Not to say that after your product launches you’re not going to be able to make adjustments and updates, it’s just going to be more costly than if you had done it all up front, rather than after the fact.


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