Nishtha H. Dalal

Thank you for your kind words. And yes! I’m so glad you called out the ABSOLUTEZero ad — It was on my list, but left it out since it deserves its own rant.

If you’ve recently used a TurboTax product, you might have also noticed their deceptive language around using your filing information for purposes beyond filing. TurboTax is legally obligated to show a consent message and collect explicit consent before using your data.

They preface the consent message with some copy that suggests they would ask the user even if the government didn’t mandate this. Doubtful. What’s more frustrating is that this consent acts as a gate to finding out whether you are eligible for a $5,500 tax-break. Users are highly unlikely to be critical of the terms when there is potentially a massive tax-break waiting on the other side of this form.