How Good Are the Electric Toothbrushes?

Looking at the advertisements for electric toothbrushes, you may wonder if those toothbrushes are really worth the money you pay. Electric toothbrush can be costly as some of the models cost as much as $180. You will surely want to do good research before shifting to the use of such toothbrushes.

Here, you may want to do a little comparison between manual and electric toothbrushes.

Advantage of manual toothbrush

A few advantages of manual toothbrush are as under:

  • They are not expensive
  • You will not have to worry about recharging or replacing batteries
  • They are easier to travel with
  • They are easier to replace

Advantages of electric toothbrush

There are some great benefits of electric toothbrushes as well.

  • They generally have toothbrush timers. It means that you will have better idea about the brushing duration.
  • If you are patient of arthritis or you find it difficult to hold the toothbrush, electric toothbrush is the right option you can go with.
  • The head of the toothbrush moves in a rotating and oscillating motion. This motion can help you clean hard-to-clean areas of your teeth.

What research tells us about electric toothbrush?

According to American Dental Association, brushing for two whole minutes is beneficial whether you do it with manual or with electric toothbrush. Nevertheless, it was found out by Cochrane Oral Health Group review that electric toothbrush may prove to be better as compared to the manual toothbrush. This research revealed that:

  • Use of electric toothbrush for 1–3 months leads to 11% reduction in plaque.
  • Electric toothbrush can help in 21% reduction in plaque when it is used for more than 3 months.
  • After 1–3 months use of electric toothbrush gingivitis can be reduced by 6%.
  • Using electric toothbrush for more than 3 months can reduce gingivitis by 11%.

Although the long term benefits of electric toothbrush are not fully known, this statistic may be helpful in forecasting the benefits that you can have.

It all depends on the usage

Whether you go for the electric toothbrush or the manual one, the thing that matters the most is how you use the toothbrush. You have to make sure that the technique you use for brushing your teeth is good. Keep in mind the 45-degree rule while brushing. Moreover, you have to make sure that you are brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes.

Many people use extra amount of force while brushing their teeth. This abrasive brushing can lead to the wearing out of tooth enamel. So, you need to be gentle while brushing your teeth. Moreover, the brush you use should have soft bristles.

Apart from brushing and flossing your teeth, you need to visit your dentist on regular basis. Dental visits are going to help you with preventative dental care in an ideal manner.