Net Neutrality, Both Sides Stink!

I am NOT a fan of cable companies. Their customer service is generally terrible. (I will say though that every “Cable Guy or Gal” I’ve ever dealt with were super cool.) I am referring mostly to the experiences I’ve had on the phone as well as stories I’ve heard about people visiting their service centers. In my case, for the last few years, ever since I ended our terrible relationship, the local cable company has been harassing me non-stop. They send AT LEAST one piece of physical mail to me every week, they call me constantly and even have sent people to my house. One person was so pushy that I escaped inside my house to avoid him. I laugh as I see other companies such as Netflix strongly challenge their dominance in entertainment and Google strongly challenge their dominance in high speed internet offering.

I am also NOT a fan of the FCC. I am truly blown away by the narrative that the FCC and government are the “Good Guys” in this whole debacle. Not to mention that the person who abolished this policy is the current head of the FCC. This clearly shows how unreliable their oversight would be. It’s heavily effected by political persuasion. What if the next head of the FCC (who is appointed by the next president) takes it way far the other way? Say this person comes in and says we have to monitor and limit the sites you visit because they may be linked with “terrorist,” “violent” or “suspicious” activity. Or what if the next person is some right wing nut job who tries to make porn or nudity.. or even foul language illegal. You know… like they did with radio and then later with TV.

Ok great Brandon, If you don’t blindly support or believe Giant Corporations OR Giant Government what do you support and believe in??

I support and believe in myself and my fellow like minded humans. I say everyone who is outraged about the repealing of Net Neutrality should get together with me and, we can start our own private “watch dog” group. This group could be a non-profit organization that would keep an eye on all of these giant cable companies and other internet service providers. We could investigate and report on cases where people are unfairly treated. There are more than enough people who are outraged by the repealing of Net Neutrality to make a difference in the eyes and bank accounts of these giant companies. We could organize boycotts when we see something wrong. We could get together and work with smaller companies who offer a better way. Let’s depend on ourselves. At the end of the day, Giant Corporations and Giant Government both focus on their own interests first. Shouldn’t we?

Yeah sure, you make it sound so easy, Brandon….

Hey people, fighting for what you love is never easy… Especially Porn!

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