My Father is my Favorite Superhero

“You have Stage 4 Colon Cancer”, those are the first words the Oncologist said to my father when he walked through the door. I was in the room, along with my mother and brother. If any of you reading this knows what hearing that news feels like, you would understand why I am tearing up writing this. If you do not know what that news feels like to hear, I pray that you never have to experience such pain.

Ever since I was a child I had an obsession with comics; they were, and still are my addiction. I remember vividly as a child sitting in my room, the only comics I read at the time were those of Spider-Man. I feel any young kid could relate to Peter Parker, I certainly could. I do consider myself religious; I do believe in God, but a comic book has always been my bible. I always escape to comics whenever I feel down, and have always said that Spider-Man was my favorite superhero; as I grew older I would realize that was never truly the case. A superhero represents hope, motivation, optimism and love. Those traits sum up exactly who my father is.

My father is my favorite superhero.

My father used to always joke, “No one is perfect, except for me”. Of course, my dad is not a perfect human, but I am convinced he is the greatest father a son could ask for. I sat with him for multiple hours when he was admitted to the hospital for 3 days, as he was getting his first round of Chemo. It was a hard pill to swallow, seeing him hooked up with tubes and needles (He HATES needles by-the-way). As I sat next to my father, I started to think back to everything my dad has done for me in life. Everything my dad has done has been in the best interest of his family, he is the definition of a family man.

I remember sitting at home, I must have been 6 or 7; I would anxiously wait for my father to get home from work. As soon as he walked in, exhausted from a long day, we would go downstairs and play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the Sega Genesis. He would always play as Donatello, and I would always play as Michelangelo. We would beat the game together every time, and proceed to play it over and over every other night. Video games is always something me and my father shared when I was young, we would waste hours playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour on the PlayStation 2. He would kick my ass 95 percent of the time, and I am pretty sure he let me win the other 5 percent.

I laugh looking back at the time he tried getting me involved in sports, god bless that man for attending every one of my practices, because I was awful. It was a huge celebration when I started my first and only game in 9th grade, only to have 1 carry for -2 yards. The point is he was there, no matter how bad at sports I was, he was there to support his son. He was doing everything that a father should do. He didn’t always like the things he did with me, but he did it because of me. Every WWE event I wanted to go to when I was younger, he took me because of me. Every long drive he took so I could hangout with a girlfriend, he did it because of me. Something I learned from my father’s actions is that you will do things with your child that you may not enjoy, but you get joy out of seeing your child smile. It never dawned on me when I was younger that it was never about the event, it was about seeing me happy.

I remember the first time my father was actually mad at me. I was in the 9th grade; me and my old buddies Eric and Anthony thought it would be a great idea to drink my father’s case of beer. Yes, we somehow thought it was a great idea. We got absolutely trashed in my basement and I threw up everywhere, needless to say it didn’t end well when my dad found out. He put on his angry face for about a day, he then proceeded to sit down with me and give me advice. He told me that if I ever decide to drink, to promise him that I will do so responsibly, and to call him if I ever felt unsafe somewhere. I did in fact call him once while I was at a party, he drove far to get me but he was proud that I took his advice to heart. He started teaching me to drink responsibly when I was around 19/20, and I thank him for not leaving me blind going up to college.

My dad is the most selfless man that I have ever met, he puts everyone above himself. He has taken two people into our home when most people would not do that. For a while my old friend needed a place to live for a while, and my father took him in for about 6 months without asking any questions. He took my ex in for almost a year and never made her pay a dime. I hope these two appreciate everything my father did, because he would do it for anyone. My father has taught me what it means to be caring, what it means to not always think about yourself and what it means to open your heart to others. I admire my dad’s compassion and can only hope to become the man he is.

My dad might be almost 60, but he has the soul of a 20 year college student. His sense of humor is unlike anyone I have ever met. My dad will call me every Sunday asking how the parties were. In fact, my dad created a Snapchat just so he could see my weekends for himself. I am used to waking up every Sunday morning to an “are you alive” text, and then he makes sure I am still maintaining Dean’s List grades. My dad will always tell me how proud he is when I come home with a 3.7 GPA, and then proceed to tell me how he would have a 3.8. Any time my friends come to visit my house, 99 percent of the time is my dad ripping on me with my friends. Never a dull moment with him.

I will always hold comics close to my heart, it is one thing that me and my dad share right now together. Every time a new comic book film comes out he makes sure he is there to see it with me opening night. I remember the first superhero movie I saw was Spider-Man in 2000, ever since then, me and my dad go and see all of them together. When Batman vs. Superman came out, he drove an hour to see it with me and my fraternity brothers because I was up at school. Despite how my dad is feeling, he is determined to see every comic book film with me on opening night. He wants to know more about these characters, he wants to know exactly what is going on. My father wants to share this with me because he knows this is my passion.

Every day of his life, my father has shown me what it looks like to be a man. I would not be where I am in life today if it wasn’t for his guidance and parenting. Knowing the many sacrifices he has made just so we can have a comfortable life, that alone shows you all the kind of superhero my dad is.

This war with cancer will not be easy, but I know my dad will always fight. I remember when the news broke right in his face, he was the strongest one in the room. He looked right at us and said, “There is hope, I will fight.”

If you are reading this, please never take your family for granted. Hug a loved one tonight and tell them how much you appreciate them. Appreciate the little things in life and understand why your parents do the things that they do. You never know when a villain might attack your hero.

I love you dad, you are my favorite superhero.

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