How To Read Minds And Influence People

Is it possible to really read minds? Mentalist and communication professor Carl Christman believes it is.

How to read minds and influence people carl christman

Carl is a teacher, author and speaker. He plays with language, psychology and non-verbal communication to educate and entertain audiences.

His new book, How to Read Minds & Influence People, looks at the science of nonverbal communication and everyday persuasion.

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By unlocking the secrets of real mind reading and the true power of persuasion, Carl explores sales and persuasion from a radically different perspective. The book gives readers the skills to influence people, whether it is convincing customers or clients, patients or parishioners, judges or juries, students or co-workers.

Carl reveals the secret techniques so called “psychics” use to read people and the techniques palm readers and phone psychics use to know what people are thinking. He explains how the rest of us can harness this power to connect with others.

He also explores the latest research on nonverbal communication and persuasion in an easy to digest format. How to Read Minds & Influence People includes online video to help people strengthen their own intuitive abilities.

Carl helps businesses improve sales and human resources through his techniques.

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