Start A Business By Helping Others

Many people have this idea that they can start a business by helping others. But few act on their instincts.

Kathryn Jones is one of those who decided to turn her passion for improving others’ lives into a business that is helping children who are facing medical treatment get the emotional support they need.

Kathryn is co-founder and head of product development for SuperHealos, a company dedicated to helping children facing medical treatment feel like superheroes.

Before living life as an entrepreneur, Kathryn was in fashion and event coordination, organizing events all over Manhattan including the famed Mercedes Benz fashion shows.

Although the fast paced environment was exciting, her love of helping others prompted her to start a second career as an Occupational Therapist. Through physical rehab, she helps people of all ages live their lives as independently and meaningfully as possible.

Working at the hospital bedsides of children and families, Kathryn realized that fear of the unknown was the worst thing for someone trying to recover from illness and injury. When approached by a good friend and asked to start SuperHealos, a company focused on using superheroes and education to reduce fear for children facing medical treatment, she jumped at the chance. As well as enjoying the opportunity to merge her passions for design and health care, Kathryn is loving her new title as a “superhero of health!”

Listen to the story of how Kathryn and her partner dove right in when the idea struck them for SuperHealos. They did not rely on extensive market research — instead, they started with nothing more than their passion and basic materials to create their first prototype products (superhero capes) for children. “I think being naive helps us quite a bit, because [starting a business] can be very paralyzing,” Kathryn says.

She talks about running a successful Kickstarter campaign, along with getting a lot of support through the InnoLoft, an accelerator program sponsored by Constant Contact in Boston.

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Originally published at on October 10, 2016.