Be Happy

I quickly realized I was doing things just to say “I did it,” and I was miserable. I was an International Business and Marketing major since my freshman year, when I changed from pre-dental. I loved the thought of having a somewhat “double-major” until I was registering for classes and realized I had another 14 to take until completing undergrad. I panicked for a couple days, woke up one day, and realized, no I’m not living like this. I went and talked to my advisor and she let me know it’s completely normal to change a major and that I’m not a failure (all the normal things to panic about of course).

I became a marketing major instead, with just eight classes until graduation. It was an instant relief — and I knew I would still be out in the world working, doing something I love.

I will strive to find a job I love doing that involves constantly traveling around the world. I decided after graduation next May, I will depart on a trip around Europe for two-three months. I want to explore one last time before I’m locked into a job for a while. I want to see all the beautiful things the world has to offer firsthand, rather than look at pictures and wish I would have went and did all these amazing things.

It’s hard to live in constant wanderlust, imaging all the places I could be visiting and learning about. It’s a strange feeling when nobody around you can relate to the way you’re feeling, because it’s an inexplainable feeling.

Before I know it, it’ll be next May, 2018, and time to begin my traveling. It’s important to make sure you live everyday doing something you love, and if not — change it. It’s ok to quit the job, walk away, move your life, it’ll all work itself out. We must break boundaries and comfort zones in order to feel the most gratifying at the end.

10 years from now I will look back grinning — knowing I did everything I wanted to in that time, but for now, I’ll keep dreaming about the future until it’s here again. We have 24 hours to make a move toward the future — make it happen.

— bv

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