Fitness Tip!

What do you do when you have reached the last stack of weight on a cable machine?!

Assuming there are no free weights available at your gym for that specific exercise, you have a couple options:

First, ask yourself if you can do this exercise with one arm or leg at a time. If so you have a lot of room to move. Simply just use a single hand grip and use one hand at a time rather than two hands and a bar or rope.

But what if you have to use two hands or if the contraction is just better with two hands?

Second, do what I have done here in the picture. If your gym has fitted weights made specifically for adding to the top of the weight stack you can usually add up to 10 lbs. to the top of the stack. Once that becomes easy you can add another 10–15 lbs. at the bottom as well. Just put the pin through the added weight and then into the hole. BOOM! You just went up in weight!

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