On the Closing of Tattoo Hero

Tattoo Hero is winding down and I’ve been quiet for too long.

In short, we ran out of runway. There wasn’t any oxygen left for burn and the team could only go on so long on no pay. But go on we did, for months, in some ways this was both the worst and best time I had at the company; alongside our team working so late into the night.

This isn’t meant to be a grand piece on all the lessons learned, the crazy odds we overcame at times, or the remarkable customers we got to work with.

I just want to say to everyone who has been asking, yes; Tattoo Hero is done and there’s one critical piece you need to know.

The People make the Company

I’ve never felt so inspired to work everyday as I did with our team. My biggest fear is to never feel as at home in a work enviroment as I did with this crew.

Steve, Minh Dao, Paulo Arruda, Henri, Jamie, Amber, Rally, Jason Connell, Adam, Beau, Danielle — Thank you. Thank you for everything.

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