Exponential growth devours and corrupts

With the benefit of reflection of the last 9 months of focusing on designing the life I want, many of my preconceived notions of the end game have changed. Doing less will actually do more for me. Focusing on “enough,” and not “all” or “more.” Understanding that winning is reliant on the outcomes of others, but mastery and autonomy are reliant only on myself.

The saddest realization I have made about the last 20+ years of my career is how much IQ has been laid by so many at the altar of growth and being rich. I am as guilty of this as many. The nature of the outcomes of this game, both in tech and finance, are winner take most accruing to a small handful of players. So much talent has been run through the mill with nothing more to show for it than worthless paper, strained relationships, and shattered dreams.

There are so many opportunities for bright minds to have great impact but they are being waylaid be apex predators (VCs) who prey on their insecurities by promising that if they just work a little harder they will achieve greatness. In reality the VCs benefit from leverage across multiple bets, but the 3–5 years of toil by the funded individual becomes a singular effort. Very low risk for the VC, unbelievable risk for the individual.

DHH, we have never met before, but this piece made me want to reach out and shake your hand. Thank you.

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