Life and Times in the Imperial Capital
Karl Kolchak


My family and I live in Northern Virginia. My wife is from Arlington and she tells me all of the time that she doesn’t even recognize this place. I’m a Midwesterner by birth who was raised in the South, so I have no idea what it was like before the Clinton years. And, as a former government employee, I can tell you that I am disgusted by the fraud, abuse, and waste that occurs on a daily basis. I know that I’m preaching to the choir but, how is it that a republic of the people, such as ours was intended to be, has a capital city that looks like any other capital (London, Moscow, or Bogota, you name it?).

I’ve linked to this article in my writing at both my geopolitical website, and While we may not agree on everything politically, thank you for writing this. I have been trying to figure out why a split level built in 1950 — such as the one we’re renting — costs nearly 800,000 to buy…I’ve long suspected why, this article helps to confirm my suspicion (note: it isn’t just “location, location, location,” as the realtor keeps insisting whenever he brings up potentially purchasing this home — like I can ever afford that).


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