Most, if not all, of these problems could be solved by making better and more equitable use of…
Ms. Katonic

Ms. Katonic,

Your statement is very true, except that there is really no such thing as a fair social system. I agree that we need to work better as a planet, but creating a joint, international operation to colonize Mars could be a stepping stone in that conquest. Some people who live on this planet believe that killing everyone who doesn’t agree with their policies is the only way this planet can flourish. No social system can fix that. All this article is trying to convince the reader of is that living on one planet is incredibly dangerous. And science is the road to solving human greed and selfishness. The more people understand about how the world and the universe functions, the more those people can cooperate and work together on something bigger than themselves. Social issues of today’s society will be moot in 50 years. We need to focus on something that may really benefit humanity in our far future.

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