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Who you don’t have to be a member to enjoy (and who also aren’t Ethan Siegel)

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Space: debatably the coolest topic on all of Medium.

Need more space in your life? Tired of sifting through the “latest” tab in #space gauging whose articles are worth reading? Or maybe you’re new to Medium looking for some cool space writers to follow. Boy do I have the remedy for you!

First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t written a space article in over a month. I’ve had a lot on my plate this season, and I’m trying to prioritize things that are pertinent to “real” life, like making money, and then spending said money. I promise more space and sci-fi movie review articles are well on the way.

When I first began writing here, I ran into some significant snags in finding well-informed, interesting, non-clickbaitey writers in the category of #space on Medium. Upon a search of the “latest articles” section of #space, it became clear there was no shortage of underground space articles that hadn’t attained the “top articles” status in the space section. I was excited to get reading. The trouble came in finding writers who remained true to science, had an enjoyable writing style, and had honorable motives that didn’t involve simply getting reads, pings, or sales. Space is also a versatile tag that generates a lot of articles which aren’t related to what most people who are space enthusiasts, like myself, are looking to read about, making the task even harder. However, over the course of nearly 4 years, I have conglomerated a hardy list of truly stellar space writers who satisfy the requirements above with flying colors.

The first obvious follow I embarked on upon joining Medium was Forbes writer and professional space author, Ethan Siegel. With a Ph. D in astrophysics, and even a few published novels, Ethan is a reliable source of space and astronomy articles that are true to science and enjoyable to sink your teeth into. But Ethan certainly doesn’t need my help in spreading his love across Medium. With 58k followers, thousands of beloved space articles, and even his own Wikipedia page, Ethan remains a staple of the space and astronomy generas both inside and out of

Now, a lot of space enthusiasts meander to Medium upon discovering a title to an article they thought they would enjoy, only to discover that that author is a member of Medium, and only other members are allowed to read the story. Though I respect the choice of Medium writers who are freelance and write for a living becoming Medium members, this article is dedicated to space writers whom everyone, on or off of Medium, can enjoy. This is why I have chosen only to only include writers who have at least a noteworthy selection of non-member articles in their repertoire. Finally, to make the cut, the writer must be consistent in the topic of space, and still active on Medium today. So, in no particular order, here are 7 of my favorite non-member Medium space writers today, who aren’t Ethan Siegel. Enjoy!

Ella is a diverse writer in the topic of space, ranging from theoretical physics, to astronomy, to the future of humanity. As a student of both physics and writing, Ella’s articles are both incredibly scientifically sound, as well as enticing to read. Ella has only been on Medium for less than a year, but she has consistently churned out awe-inspiring space articles almost every week, half of which are non-member stories. If you are a space enthusiast or futurist of any manner, I would strongly recommend reading Ella’s work.

Check out:

The Possibility of Interstellar Travel

Cloud Cities of Venus

As a writer for the private Indian space exploration company TeamIndus, Jatan has no shortage of both space and writing experience. Jatan’s talents encompass topics such as astrophysics, alien life, space technology, and (most prominently) the Moon. One of Jatan’s goals as a writer is to renew global interest in going back to the Moon, so that it may fuel our exploration of the solar system, both metaphorically and literally. 100% of Jatan’s articles are member-free, so everyone has an opportunity to be inspired and amazed by his space articles.

Check out:

Can there be a Galactic Empire?

Possibilities of Life in Globular Clusters

Possibly the most underrated space writer on Medium is Graham Doskoch, who writes articles exclusively about mysterious and poorly studied space objects, structures, and phenomena. As an astrophysics student, Graham has an impressive knowledge of the inner workings of the cosmos. He also has a knack for explaining very complex, misunderstood scientific phenomena in easy to understand ways. Graham is also a non-member writer, so all of his articles are free to enjoy.

Check out:

The Outcast Cluster

If Neptune orbited Jupiter

A writer who prefers quality over quantity, Anumeena’s articles are always worth the wait. Though she doesn’t have an enormous repertoire of space articles yet, her writing style and vast scientific knowledge shows great promise for her future on Medium. Anumeena loves to write about astrophysics, space technology, and astronomy, and has a terrific way of explaining difficult to understand scientific concepts in Layman’s terms. Her articles are also completely non-member, and completely underrated.

Check out:

The Nature of Nothingness: Understanding the Vacuum Catastrophe

A Snag in the Fabric: The Black Hole Information Paradox

If you like the history of space travel, rockets, and good stories, John’s articles are for you. John is a self-proclaimed space and history nerd, and when these interests are combined together with his down-to-Earth writing style, you’ll feel like you actually lived through some of the greatest moments in space travel history upon reading his articles. John is also a non-member, and vastly underrated on Medium, despite having an impressive list of amazing space articles.

Check out:

Gemini 7

Cassini’s End

Jyotiraditya is an avid astrophysicist and space blogger, keen in the topics of space, relativity, and physics. With an impressive array of technical knowledge, Jyotiraditya’s articles are enjoyable to read, and will expand your knowledge of space along the way. All of Jyotiraditya’s articles are non-member and free to enjoy.

Check out:

The Nebular Hypothesis: Formation of the Universe

What is Spacetime?

Though his list of space articles is still sparse, Neel has a unique way of blending the history of astronomy, and the science behind it in his articles. Neel largely focuses on the topic of astronomy, with hints of both physics and planetary science tossed around within. His articles are a joy to read, and they are all part of the non-member club.

Check out:

Places Except Earth where Liquid Water Exists

Multi-Messenger Astronomy

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