Beware conflating what works for advertisers vs.
James Kotz

You’ve got the wrong end of the stick James. Bitninja ran their own modal popups on their own site and increased new trials by 65%. It wasn’t some anonymous advertiser on Bitninja’s site, it was Bitninja themselves.

To extend the storyline you created, why should Bitninja care about the website visitors who have absolutely no intention of dealing with Bitninja? Bitninja’s responsibility is to drive their own business and serve people who can benefit from their service. If they can do that 65% more effectively with modal popups and it pisses off a few whiners who have no intention of spending money with them anyway, then Bitninja has done the responsible thing.

I draw a distinction between advertising on other people’s sites and driving your own business on your own site. I run an adblocker because I dislike annoying ads, but I respect brand owners’ rights to drive their own business on their own site.

As for things like autoplay videos on news sites, I hate them with a vengeance. I bailed out of yesterday because their autoplay videos were too intrusive.