Happy Anniversary from the Lottie Team

BodyMovin Plugin



iOS and MacOS — Now in Swift!

  • A complete rewrite in Swift
  • New documentation fully covers Lottie API
  • Text rendering (no glyphs) now supported
  • Gradient Stroke now supported
  • Individual Trim Paths now supported
  • Alpha Inverted Masks now supported
  • Marker support
  • Skew transform now supported
  • Fully support all UIView content modes
  • New API for dynamic properties
  • Animation now fully supports Codable, JSON decoding and encoding
  • Animated Button component
  • New more flexible ImageProvider
  • Play animations in their native frame rate
  • Read animation progress in realtime
  • Spatial Interpolation now more accurate
  • Added API for getting animation properties
  • Rewritten render system, fixing many bugs
  • JSON Decoding supports Default values
  • JSON Coding unit testing
  • Trim paths are now more accurate
  • Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes!



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